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Coastal Atmospheric Soul Movement


The Coastal Atmospheric Soul Movement was created in the mind of Chris

MicKey as a way to unite open minded individuals looking to find new ways

of expressing one’s inner self.  The word “Chasm” (pronounced Ka-zum) is

defined as an opening in the surface of a planet like a gorge or an abyss, also

it means a marked division, separation, or difference.  When Chris decided

he didn’t want the art associated with C.A.S.M. to be all about his art, he

combined his initials “C.S.M.” and his long time friend’s initials “C.A.S.”

who is also a very talented artist.  Together C.A.S.M. was formed.  Chris

decided that the initials must stand for something, so he came up the Coastal

Atmospheric Soul Movement which didn’t make any sense until his Father

Capt. Greg MicKey passed away in a tragic scuba diving accident that left

Chris without any closure to what happened.  Soon after the tragedy it

dawned on him that his Father had indeed experienced a Coastal

Atmospheric Soul Movement.  To fully understand what the Coastal

Atmospheric Soul Movement really means, an individual must possess a

C.A.S.M. Mind (open mind that never ends) and understand that the mind

and body are two different things.  So with this mind, Chris realized that the

Coast represents the physical world (the body) and the Atmosphere

represents the mental world (the mind).  Also, when the soul leaves the

physical world for the mental world it’s a “Soul Movement” and perhaps the

soul may even travel through a C.A.S.M.  This concept allowed Chris to find

peace with the passing of his Father…..And so it began.

We are forever searching for inner connection of who we are and what we do.  Freedom to be and freedom to act as individuals searching for the ultimate thrill.  Never will we cease to follow our dreams.  The dream of life will always push us to the best of our abilities.  Never will we be satisfied with our skills which push us even further.  Eventually our lives will be over but the path we take can never be matched but instead cherished forever – Chris MicKey